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Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.

Mark Twain

Rogaine Rules

I invented ROGAINE as an outdoor ed instructor at Lucy Baker School. Two years later I introduced it at St. John's School of Alberta. Jason Coates was director of the outdoor program there, and told me that I had re-invented the wheel.

This is an adaptation of the R.O.G.A.I.N.E. class of race used worldwide by various orienteering clubs. We have made modifications to enhance safety; increase the general map knowledge skills; make planning and strategy a major component of the program; and make it more workable with teams.

Each of the rules is divided into two chunks: The first is the rule and its intent. The second in italics is the explanation.

The rules are not formal -- if you are running with extremely competitive groups they are likely incomplete. Basically we added stuff for perceived safety issues, ways to make for more interesting game play. A lot of things were added due to a particular incident.

Please email me: rogaine@sherwoods-forests.com if you have questions. I will try to clarify.